Wastewater Evaporation Technology

MVR Evaporator Working principle:

MVR is called Mechanical Vapor Recompression. It use the centrifugal compressor to re-compress the secondary vapor(low temperature and low pressure) which is evaporated from the liquid material to rise its temperature and pressure, so as to reuse it as heating source to evaporate the liquid material again. The process is to convert a small amount of electric energy to more heat energy. Theoretically, compared with multi-effect evaporator, it can save more than 50%~80% energy consumption and 90% cooling water.

System Composition:

Composed of a preheater, heat exchanger, separator, vapor compressor, vacuum pump, circulating pump, operating platform, control cabinet, and other accessories.

Main Features:

  • MVR energy-saving evaporation technology is the most advanced technology at present, only need a very small amount of steam (small steam required during start-up, almost no need steam during normal operation), greatly reduce the operation cost, reduce environment pollution.
  • Compared with traditional evaporators, MVR evaporator temperature difference is much smaller, can achieve moderate evaporation, greatly improve product quality and reduce fouling.
  • No need condenser or only a small area of the condenser required, the structure and process is very simple, fully automatic operation and continuous operation, safe and reliable
  • Equipped with CIP cleaning pipeline, on-site cleaning, the whole set of equipment is easy to operate, no dead angle.
  • The material can be evaporated at low temperature (evaporation temperature 50℃~100℃) and no foam is produced. The material is uniform material, no running material, not easy to coking, minimum denaturation for heating material.
  • The installation space of the MVR evaporator is about two times of traditional multi effect evaporator; the equipment investment amount of MVR system is larger, but the operation cost is much lower than the traditional multi effect evaporator.
  • Automatic operation system is necessary to protect the equipment, to avoid the MVR malfunction caused by wrong operation.
  • In some special areas where the steam cost is very low and the electricity price is very high, the economic advantage of MVR evaporator is not obvious, traditional evaporator is recommended.


Performance comparison between MVR Evaporator and traditional evaporator

S/N Single effect evaporator Multi effect evaporator TVR evaporator MVR evaporator
Energy source Using steam heating
Steam pipe network
Need boiler
Using steam heating
Steam pipe network
Need boiler
Need high pressure steam to drive,
Need boiler
Using electric power,
no need steam pipe network
close loop circulation system
Energy consumption 1 tons steam for 1ton water evaporation 0.3~1tons steam for 1ton water evaporation Based on traditional multi effect, one more effect is used with high pressure steam drive The most energy saving technology at present
Operation cost Much higher More energy saving Lower Lowest
Footprint smaller bigger bigger smaller
Product quality Short residence time,
Bigger temp. difference lead to easy scale.
product quality not stable
Longer residence time,
Bigger temp. difference lead to easy scale.
product quality not stable
Short residence time,
Smaller influence on product quality
Short residence time,
Low temp. evaporation,
Minimum impact on product quality
Control type Semi-automatic Full automatic
Uninterrupted evaporation
Full automatic
Uninterrupted evaporation
Full automatic
Uninterrupted evaporat

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