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Mission Statement

Persian Engineering Partners offers a green solution for base oil supply. MTSP licenses the best available technology and provides knowledge to re-refining used oil. We are committed to spreading the technology and expertise in used oil regeneration around the globe. We are dedicated to maintaining our position as the world’s leader in used oil re-refining worldwide while remaining true to our employees, values, and our commitment to continuously improving our technology and client services.

Company History

Persian Engineering Partners (MTSP) was established in 1992 as an affiliate of Baharan Chimie, Inc. (BCB), a company involved in the re-refining of used lube oil to produce lube base oils. At that time, on-stream performance of BCB's refinery was marred with problems of severe fouling, carbon deposition. MTSP was engaged to help remedy these issues. First MTSP licensed a proven technique and installed it at the BCB Plant. Upon installation, drastic improvements in on-stream performance were observed.


Persian Engineering Partners (MTSP) licenses state of the art re-refining technology by providing basic engineering package and optional detailed engineering services to clients world-wide. Some of the project locations include BCB SEFID DASHT IR.

MTSP provided basic engineering and TFE/CLAY technology for this 10,000 MT/A re-refinery built in Shahr-e- kord IRAN



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Address: Iran, Shahrekord, Mellat street, 41st Alley, Kazhal building, 3rd floor, 6th unit

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