Falling Film Evaporator

Falling Film Evaporator

BPSPS :  Our proprietary distribution system is the essential part of our falling film evaporator


 Our feed distributor is a two stage system, with a highly accurate performance and a wide operating range. Your process liquid feed enters the falling film evaporator through the inlet feed pipe and is directed to the top liquid distributor. From the distributor the liquid then flows to the tube sheet which is equipped with many drip points to ensure the generation of an even and calm static liquid height upstream of the tube inlets. After this pre-distribution, the liquid is di- rected tangentially onto the tubes through slits  in  specially designed  tube  sleeve inserts. These inserts ensure stable and uniform liquid films. In addition, the liquid will be evenly and well distributed to all the tubes. All this leads to the formation of an excellent liquid film and thus to a smooth and gentle evaporation in our falling film evaporator.


 Each and every tube in our evaporator is equipped with proprietary sleeve inserts. The inserts are installed manually, without the need of any tools. Nor is welding re- quired to secure the sleeves in their posi- tion. The number of so-called reflectors on each sleeve and the corresponding installation angle are carefully designed and adapted to the process conditions to create a tan- gential flow of liquid into the tubes. Together with an optimized liquid static head, the sleeves ensure the generation of a uniform liquid film in the tubes and the desired film thickness. The conceptual design is based on test- ing results and our extensive experience. The detailed sizing is supported with our in-house developed propriety design tool.




Some special features of our sleeves are:


  • Removable type for easy installation
  • Guided plates in slots to generate a tan- gential liquid entry
  • Slots at tube sheet level providing self- draining possibility
  • Especially suited for processes with po- lymerization issues
  • Flexible range of operation
  • Precision laser-cut manufacturing


Special distribution systems can be de- signed to meet your specific requirements, such as:

 Distribution of viscous products


Main benefits
  • High heat transfer coefficients
  • Short residence time on the heated tube surface
  • Low pressure drop
  • Suitable for operation under deep vacuum
  • High evaporation ratios
  • Low susceptibility for fouling
  • Suitable for GMP applications
  • Sizes from 0.3 to 50 m2
  • Single pass or with recirculation
  • Process vapors and liquid flow co-currently or counter-currently
  • Multi-stage systems, sometimes in combination with wiped film evaporators
Main applications
  • Especially for low viscous products
  • Suited for products with low fouling tendency
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Polymer industry

Special features

  • Removable type for easy installation 
  • Guides plates in slits to generate a tangential liquid entry 
  • Slits at tube sheet level thus providing a self-draining possibility 
  • Well suited for processes with polymerization problems 
  • Flexible range of operation
  • Precision laser-cut manufacturing