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we as BP-SPSP make your refinery based on your desired features. we provide you all the required services ranging from consultation, :designing and  implementation to training and after sale services 


we as BP-SPSP make your refinery based on your desired features. we provide you all the required services ranging from consultation, :designing and  implementation to training and after sale services 

Basic Engineering Design

Persian Engineering Partners provides Basic Engineering Package services for each client. This package typically includes the following deliverables: 

Design Basis: Site-specific meteorological and ambient conditions as well as required characteristics of utility supply systems are summarized. Hydrogen Generation options will be identified so that the best choice for hydrogen supply for the re-refinery can be determined. For plants that are to get integrated with existing facilities the customer's participation is required to complete this task.
Process Description: The purpose and characteristics of key process unit operations and equipment are outlined in narrative form.
Equipment List: A list is provided to identify all required process equipment.
Process Flow Diagrams and Heat & Material Balances: A process simulation for the plant is developed. All process  streams are defined in tabular and flow sheet format. Temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and physical properties at normal operating conditions are defined for all process streams.
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams: A diagram is provided to show the interconnection of process equipment and the instrumentation used to control the process. Interconnection of key process utilities (hydrogen, steam, hot oil, etc.) is identified.
Process Equipment Data Sheet: Process data sheets are provided for all Inside Battery Limit (ISBL) equipment items
Instrument List: Control valves, level instruments, flow instruments, pressure instruments, temperature instruments and relief devices are identified and provided.
Piping: A piping specification and piping classification index are provided.
Control Philosophy: A narrative is provided to describe the control logic and interlock schemes. A preliminary list of typical alarms is provided based on prior experience with our operating plants.
Effluent Stream List: Quantities and characteristics of all effluent streams are defined. Specific included items are as following:
List of vapor emission sources
Composition and flow rate of process off gas and evaluation of whether this material can be sent to the hot oil heater or must be sent to a thermal oxidizer
Hot Oil Heater and Steam Generation Boiler characteristics, evaluation of flue gas treating requirements and definition of effluent flue gas treating system requirements
Liquid Effluent Streams
Solid Waste quantities and type
By-product quantities and characteristics
Sulfur Balance
Quality Assurance and Laboratory Information: A discussion of the routine analytical testing required for a waste oil re-refinery is provided. Typical sampling points are discussed and a summary of laboratory procedures and equipment is defined
Utilities Consumption: Required chemicals and utilities are identified and consumption rates are shown for treating chemicals, catalyst, steam, water, nitrogen, air, hydrogen, etc.


Consulting Services

Detailed Engineering Support

If the client elects to manage the detailed engineering design, it is important for MTSP to remain involved in a project during detailed engineering design to provide technical consulting support. We have worked with several different detailed engineering firms over the past few years. Each company has required support from MTSP to better understand process requirements. Fabrication and construction drawings developed by the detailed design firm must incorporate the experience that MTSP has gained from the operation. This ensures that all design details conform to MTSP specifications and requirements.

General Consulting/After Project Completion

MTSP can provide consulting to operating re-refineries that are experiencing problems with operation or looking to improve operations. With over 15 years of operating experience MTSP has confronted many of the problems that are faced by operators. Our team has vast experience with hydrocarbon refining and can help solve many of the challenges operators of re-refineries are faced with. Our consulting services include the following:

  • Feedstock/product quality analysis

Laboratory characterization   
Troubleshoot product quality   

  • Plant Audit

Capacity analysis   
Optimization (yield and quality)   

  • Hydro-treating Consultation

Catalyst capability   
Operating conditions   
Product specifications    

  • Economic Analysis

Up-scaling of plant capacity   
Equipment re-sizing and re-designing   
Capital cost and operating cost estimate   


Detailed Engineering Design

Engineering Refining Green Persian performs the entire Basic Engineering Design in house. Upon clients’ request MTSP can provide detailed engineering design services with MTSP’s EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) partners. The scope of this work typically includes the production of the following documentation:

Design Basis
Process Engineering: Detailed Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, pump hydraulics, safety valve and rupture disc specifications, thermal design of heat exchangers, and line list.
Mechanical: General arrangement drawings for all fabricated items, lubrication list.
Piping: Piping layouts and isometric diagrams, Bill of Material for piping items, Stress Analysis and Piping Specification.
Civil and Structural: Structural fabrication drawings, Bills of Quantities / MTO, Foundation layouts, Statutory approval drawings.
Overall and Unit Plot Plans
Detailed Instrument, control system and control valve specifications and Terminal drawings
Electrical: List of motors and electrical consumers, Power and Lighting Layouts, Bill of Quantities for bulk items
Inquiry specifications for Packages
Insulation and painting specifications


Feasibility / Cost Estimate

Engineering Refining Green Persians
 provides Cost Estimate and Feasibility Study Services to clients. The typical list of deliverables for the Feasibility Study is as follows:

  1. Design Basis: The client will participate in establishing a basis for the plant design. CEP will establish capacity, feedstock characteristics, product quality and plot space. A questionnaire will be required to get a better understanding of power supply and general site conditions that may affect the design.
  2. Preliminary Process Flow Sheets: The drawings will show major equipment, pumps, exchangers, vessels, etc.
  3. Preliminary Emissions Information: Approximate values for flow rates and composition of effluents will be provided. This information may be sufficient to initiate discussions with local permitting agencies.
  4. Equipment List: Major equipment items will be identified and preliminary equipment sizing will be provided. These are subject to change after detailed simulation models are developed during Basic Engineering.
  5. Cost Estimate:Financial Model: A financial model will be developed for the project to facilitate the client's evaluation of alternatives and sensitivities. This will include gross margin and internal rate of return calculations.
    1. Estimate Basis - Define procurement preferences and/or limitations (i.e. UK, EU, India, Eastern Europe supply)
    2. Pricing for Major Equipment



Plant start-up is another area of expertise for MTSP

MTSP provides detailed hands-on support during the plant start-up. To ensure safety and smooth operation, MTSP conducts a simulated start-up with all the operators and engineers. This helps the operation team build confidence in the procedures and the process. The simulated training also allows operation team to better anticipate start-up issues and to properly respond to each situation. MTSP provides hands-on support for both control room and field operation. Throughout the start-up, the operation team is encouraged to gain confidence in the procedure and take on more responsibilities. MTSP strives to provide operational experience and expertise in order to ultimately enable the clients to independently handle the plant's operation. This ensures that the operation team is confident and comfortable with starting the plant independently, which ensure smoother operation and turnarounds in the future.


Training & Manuals

MTSP, as part of a comprehensive program, provides training and operating manuals for MTSP designed re-refineries. The operating manuals include standard operating procedures (SOPs) for operating the plant as well as plant startup, shutdown and troubleshooting problems that may occur. Engineer and operator trainings are done at the project site. The training familiarizes the plant personnel with the process, equipment, instrumentation, and covers other material in the operating manuals. A general breakdown of the training is shown below. The training program is a valuable resource for a successful and reliable operation

  • Introduction to used oil re-refining
  • Used oil characteristics
    • Criteria for re-refining
  • Process Fundamentals
    • Purpose of each step of the process
    • Operating conditions
    • Maximize catalyst life
    • Identifying and resolving process issues
      • Fouling
      • Upset Conditions
      • Etc.
  • Safety
    • Proper responses to various unexpected scenarios
    • Safety concerns for operating the plant
    • Preventative measures to prevent danger
  • Control
    • Parameters that control the product quality
    • Parameters that control the product yield
  • Maintenance
    • Preventative measures to minimize downtime
    • Mechanical integrity program to ensure equipment life and prevent failure


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