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Oil re-refining


 We have extensive experience in the renewable fuels and chemistries industries. With our technologies, we process your used oil and convert it from a low value fuel to a high value lube distillate. Our Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) technology distills the used oil to produce a lube distillate and our WFE systems provide a complete used oil re-refining process with removal of light ends, as well as heavy contaminants. 



As EPC contractor, we undertake all the activities from design, procurement, construction, commissioning to handover of the complete re-refinery to our esteemed customers.

Every re-refinery customer has custom requirement. We implement the latest 3-D modeling tools to design every re-refinery. This enables us to complete the entire plant building procedure in the most accurate and timely manner. Our tested and proven Re-Refining process technology provides maximum yield from the used waste lube oil, Engine oil, lubricant (Black Oil) in an environmentally friendly manner. The process plants that we build for you are pre-assembled, pre-insulated, pre-wired and ready for installation and commissioning.

Used Oil Re-refining plant

Skid mounted modular design

Bpsps has developed state-of-the-art, proprietary technology known as Bpsps-Wiped-Film-Evaporation (TWFE) to produce higher process efficiencies by minimizing bottom components and maximizing reclamation / regeneration of the useful ingredients from used lube oil. TWFE technology can extend the yields of saleable products up to 95% – 97% of the used oil feed. The high yield in the TWFE process is due to innovative equipment design and design optimizations of the process. TWFE process is acid-free, solvent-free and sludge-free. The bottom residue generated in the process can also be sold as a finished product, such as asphalt/bitumen modifier. TWFE adapts very well to feedstock variability such as used lube oils containing a high amount of water, low boilers, additives, transformer oils, turbine oils, hydraulic and synthetic oils.

Complete Automation, PLC Control and SCADA based process enables a safe and smooth plant operation with minimum manpower, in an environment-friendly manner.

With our Re-Refining experience of over a decade and continuous process improvements, we have a proven and established process, as described below:

  • Stage 1: De-Hydration and De-Gas Oil (Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 2-A: TWFE #1 to Process SN150 (Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 2-B: TWFE #2 to Process SN300 (Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 2-C: TWFE #3 to Process SN400/500 (Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 3-A: Hydrogenation (for API Group II Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 3-B: Media polishing (for API Group I Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 4: Pollution control gaseous emissions (Skid mounted package unit)
  • Stage 5: Effluent water treatment for water from the dehydration step
  • Stage 6: Packaging or bulk dispatch

The Process Output

77% of Base Oil ( SN 80, SN 150, 300, 400-500)

4% Diesel, Naphtha & Light Oil

14% of residue (Asphalt)

4% water

1% process losses


  • Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) Technology

    Our WFE technology distills used oil, removing heavy carbons with metals in the residue stream, to produce a lube distill.

    The WFE design allows for the distillation of used oil at high vacuum levels to reduce the boiling point to prevent thermal cracking of the oil and allowing manageable operating temperatures that can be serviced by typical plant hot oil heating systems.

    Used oil distillation is a fouling application; however, the wiping action of the WFE blades continuously cleans the heat transfer surface of the WFE.




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